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Glebe Associates is a leading micro joining specialist with over 40 years’ experience in the industry. We offer a complete service for the application assistance, product design, equipment design, integration and all related activities with this type of precision welding process.

We are based in Suffolk but our technical expertise in this field, in conjunction with a number of partnerships with highly-qualified consultants, is on a global scale for the precision-joining of electrical and electronic components used in a wide range of industrial sectors.

Whether it’s for a precision manual application or a high volume automation project, don’t leave your micro joining requirements to chance, contact our team for valuable assistance in choosing the best and most cost-effective solutions for ensuring highly-accurate welding.

Graham MacGregor, director and founder of Glebe Associates, began his career in micro joining at the Welding Institute in process and equipment development before taking the huge step of setting up his own, MacGregor Welding Systems Ltd, dedicated to manufacturing precision welding equipment and process development.

Over the next 35 years MacGregor Welding Systems Ltd grew to be a major player in the micro joining industry, partnering with many multi-national companies both on equipment and new process development, including lighting manufacturers, medical electronic businesses, automotive companies and many other key users of precision joining equipment.

After more than three decades as managing director of MacGregor Welding Systems Ltd, Graham sold the company he had successfully built to Amada-Miyachi Europe and it was not long before this well-known industry figure was back in the hot seat launching Glebe Associates, an independent consultancy service for users of micro joining equipment. 

Glebe Associates operates completely independently and all aspects of the business are treated confidentially and can be subject to appropriate NDA’s if required.

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