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Glebe Associates is a specialist micro welding consultancy practice with over 40 years’ experience in the industry. We provide cutting edge guidance on micro joining applications encompassing everything from challenging applications to product designing and systems integration along with most other activities involving the precision welding process.

Whether you need support with a difficult micro joining application or assistance with perfecting a new solution, talk to Glebe Associates today …

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Micro welding  Since 1978

Graham MacGregor, director and founder of Glebe Associates, began his career in micro-joining at the Welding Institute in process and equipment development before taking the huge step of setting up his own, MacGregor Welding Systems Ltd, dedicated to manufacturing precision welding equipment and process development.

Following the acquisition of MacGregor Welding Systems by Amada-Miyachi Europe in 2016 Graham MacGregor set up Glebe Associates as an independent consultancy.

Micro-resistance welding

We provide support in all aspects of micro-resistance welding. This includes correct choice of power supply, weld head, electrodes together with product tooling. Process development and optimisation is a key aspect provided together with DOE techniques to aid optimisation of parameters.

Micro arc welding

This includes solder free coil termination, a key application of the process for the manufacture of wound components. The process is also used for small component joining as well as battery pack manufacture, especially with the requirement for copper interconnects.

Equipment integration

Integrating resistance and arc welding equipment into automated assembly lines can lead to significant problems if not carried out correctly. We offer our comprehensive expertise in this area to assist customers and help improve product yields.

Design of products

It is vital that product design includes a review to ensure suitability for welding at an early stage to avoid long term problems in manufacture.

Process monitoring

This is a frequently misunderstood area of micro-welding. Monitoring packages are frequently sold on the basis of providing good weld/bad weld information. Whilst general purpose monitors can help we find they are seldom set up to provide accurate weld information, or do not monitor the key parameters. A detailed process analysis is initially required to determine the key process parameters to check prior to even choosing a suitable monitoring package. We can assist in determining the suitability of monitors and train staff in their correct use.

On-site assistance

We provide assistance with the development of  new processes and can also review and optimise existing applications together with trouble-shooting as required.

Making an Impact Across the Globe

We offer a complete service for the application assistance, product design, equipment design, integration and all related activities with this type of precision welding process.

We are based in the East of England but our technical expertise in this field, in conjunction with a number of partnerships with highly-qualified consultants, is on a global scale for the precision-joining of electrical and electronic components used in a wide range of industrial sectors.

Whether it’s for a small wire job or large-scale coil-based project, don’t leave your micro-joining requirements to chance, contact our team for valuable assistance in choosing the best and most cost-effective solutions for ensuring highly-accurate welding.

Industries supported

Automotive electronics

Electronic controls, batteries, wound components, motor systems.

Electrical and electronic components

Component manufacture, batteries, coil termination.

Medical equipment

Manufacture of Embedded devices, hearing products, invasive devices.

Lighting industries

Lamp assembly, lamp termination, led devices.

Small component assembly

Joining of small mechanical components, termination systems.

Solar panel assembly

Solar panel assembly


Glebe Associates provides key service support for micro-joining applications using resistance welding, a thermo-electric process for parts that need to be joined at a precisely controlled time and pressure, and micro-arc (TIG) welding which is ideal for the high-speed manufacture of coil-based products.

  • Process optimisation
  • Product design
  • Welding integration
  • Process equipment
  • Trouble shooting
  • Design consultancy
  • Training
  • Process monitoring

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